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Bridging East & West, Healthcare & Technology

For AccelerAsia these are exciting times, as we embark on a new adventure to put our expertise to use in building a med-tech vertical in the region to help stakeholders in the healthcare industry better negotiate 21st century challenges.

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No More ‘Gambling’ with Inventory Management

Because of so much opacity in the delicate balance between supply and demand, inventory management in the automotive aftermarket industry can resemble a sophisticated gambling game, with the odds stacked against the distributor in a play of dozens of variables.

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The Importance of Understanding Your Publication’s Audience

it is important to be an audience-first publisher as content will always be the foundation of the media business. It’s about giving a better user experience – if your audience is already giving you access to their consumption habits, you owe it to them to cater to their preferences.

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Exposure and Experience: An AccelerAsian Internship

I left Melbourne to take up an internship for AccelerAsia in Singapore with two goals in mind: acquiring exposure and experience. So far, reality has far exceeded expectations – in a unique company and office environment, I have gained years of experience in six months.

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Changing Paradigms in the Advertising Industry

AccelerAsia is uniquely placed to get a bird’s eye view of the creative and advertising industry because of the clients we represent in the ad tech and the digital marketing world. And from our vantage point, it is apparent that the industry is in the midst of a structural shift.

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