Reza Atmaja

March 21, 2022 / in Team

Reza Atmaja
Sales Development Representative

Reza pursued his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. In his previous role, he was working for tech start-ups in various products focusing on the Southeast Asia market, and an incubator for food start-ups in Indonesia. Through those experiences, he got a chance to gain his knowledge on how to develop businesses in a cost effective way whist managing a lean start-up organizational structure, growing networks through partnerships co-creating programs with stakeholders in the private and government sector, making an impact to help SMEs through an accelerator program, and also to give the customer the best value of the product.

He is a person with integrity, both in his personal and professional life. He loves creating things and tossing ideas around with his colleagues. In his free time, he loves to meet with new people because he loves expounding his social and professional network. He dabbles in writing, photography and networking.