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Roundabout is a unique social service focused on helping organisations succeed through social media advertising.

The modus operandi is as follows:

1. Build new target audience

Through a unique social listening tool, Roundabout is able to discover new audiences on social media.

2. Prevent media wastage

Roundabout allocates budget only to relevant and converting audiences while putting a ceiling on CPA.

3. Adaptive social approach

Roundabout is able to shift real-time budgets to top performing audiences. Budget can be moved hundreds of times to new target groups that perform better.


The four pillars of Roundabout are:


Through our unique social listening tool we are able to discover target audiences specific to your brand, product or service.


Our team connects with your brand manager or agency to build a content campaign that is going to be used in advertising. We aim to split this content into several different sets, which we show to the target audiences built through social listening.


After warming up the audience with awareness and engagement campaigns, we start to convert your best performing audience into buyers or subscribers. We set a hard CPA (Cost per acquisition) to make sure we don’t spin out with your budget and start to convert the audience. This all takes place in a semi-automated way, where budgets are being driven to the best performing combination of audience and content. These dynamic budget shifts take place every 6 hours.


To create a converting social advertising campaign that is successful, our system optimizes continuously. Every moment that your campaign runs, it is being optimised through our unique technology. Against the set CPA the target audiences are being tested, which keep on coming through social discovery. Our automated system for budget allocation is constantly shifting the budget to give the most to the best performing ad-set combination.

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