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Relay42 is the only data management solution with integrated Artificial Intelligence and Orchestration. This enables brands to unify all of their customer data, predict people’s movements, and engage at each moment with truly personalized journeys.

Born in 2011 in Amsterdam, they have quickly grown into a marketing hub for world-class brands, helping the likes of BMW, KLM, Air France, Thomas Cook, ING and TNT to make their vision of one-to-one marketing a reality – and deliver real results.


With combined DMP and CDP capabilities, their platform has the power to store, combine and enrich raw customer data from all systems and channels. This ensures you’re working with comprehensive profiles that are always up to date. Customer data protection capabilities ensure brand ownership of data storage and usage, which helps you keep compliant while responsibly managing your most valuable asset: customer data.

  • Data Management
  • Identity Management
  • Audiences
  • Data Marketplace

Relay42’s industry-specific AI models process billions of decisions within the context of your business so you can rapidly anticipate customer behavior and activate insights in real-time at every step of their journey. The platform enables you to organize all of your data to easily discover and apply predictions, without relying on data science resources.

  • Integrated AI
  • Industry-Specific Models
  • Custom Models

Integrated journey orchestration capabilities allow you to move beyond single touchpoint interactions and manage customer journeys end-to-end. AI takes care of the heavy lifting to deliver relevant real-time messages across your customer’s preferred channels. It also tailors your campaigns to individual needs with dynamic content that mirrors your customers wherever they go.

  • Orchestration Engine
  • Intelligent Customer Journeys
  • Dynamic Content

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