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Idomoo‘s vision is to enable more effective marketing via video-based digital CRM; engaging personally with each and every customer by leveraging groundbreaking personalized video technology. With a strong track record servicing leading telecom, financial services, utilities, health and retail companies around the world, Idomoo’s personalized videos build trust by allowing companies to be proactive in the way they communicate– explaining complex processes and bills, offering special deals and right-sizing packages, and encouraging loyalty when it counts most.


Why Idomoo?

Say goodbye to boring overlays. Native Personalized Video means dynamic elements are rendered frame-by-frame for each video to generate the highest quality Personalized Videos on the market.


Alongside a full suite of composing tools purpose-built for a world of dynamic video, their exclusive AfterEffects plugin makes it easy to create, launch and seamlessly maintain a PV campaign.


From real-time rendering and auto-scaling to secure data handling and purging, you can always trust Idomoo’s enterprise-grade platform to deliver when it matters most.

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