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Crowdynews offers a social content curation platform that gathers and filters relevant social media content and posts them in real-time next to topical, popular stories. Crowdynews’ platform pulls from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and more and posts only relevant commentary next to news articles. The platform enables editors and publishers worldwide to publish this social media content in a safe and automated but controlled way. Worldwide hundreds of publishers already trust Crowdynews’ platform.


Adding social content gave our visitors more reasons to engage with the page and stay onsite longer.

Edwin Hof, Director Digital Marketing


The Crowdynews’ AI-driven platform combines multiple social media sources. Select your own or fully automatic. Real-time or sorted by popularity.


Using intelligent filters and manual moderation, you’re always in control of what’s published. Safeguarding your reputation is our ultimate goal.


Easy to use experiences. Only a few lines of code. Set it up once and start driving engagement and increasing conversion immediately.

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