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BusinessGames is specialised in developing team-building and management games. The games are all played without any computers or high technology, are centred around people and their interactions and are used to help people reflect on their daily roles and business activities. The company has been around since 2002 and organises over 150 games per year globally. The games can be organised for groups as small as 8 to larger teams of 2,000 people.

Based on the idea that experience is the best teacher, Business Games are live, interactive, indoor sessions where teams get to experience real-world scenarios and respond to them, which can challenge and inspire them in novel ways.

What makes Business Games unique is that the team-building activities relate to the work environment, and directly impact employee productivity and motivation in the long run. It allows teams a space to unlock their dormant creativity, look at their job scopes in innovative ways, and re-energise them in achieving their work-related goals.

The positive professional and psychological impact of Business Games is profound and it is proven— their clients include over a dozen of the biggest brands in Asia and Europe, ranging from Financial Services to Technology, who keep coming back for new sessions through the year.

Headquartered in Singapore, Business Games covers the whole of the ASEAN region, as well as East Asia (in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and other cities). Working with groups from multi-cultural backgrounds has its challenges and rewards, and Business Games is a great opportunity to explore this.

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