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Biocryptology is a Biometrics-focused European technology company, primarily involved in hardware and software development. The platform offers security, privacy, and convenience to businesses, consumers, and governments alike. Biocryptology provides safe, secure, and easy-to-use technology for fast identification and trustworthy access to all possible online and physical locations.

Biocryptology’s technology has enjoyed several years of extensive testing in real-life commercial situations, being used as a form of payment in the US, and for physical access control to European companies, just to name a few.

Thanks to their versatility, the app and UP device can be used in almost every online or physical access scenario. Check out some examples where you can use Biocryptology.


Use the app and UP device to gain entry to private property such as your car, boat, or home, or use them to ensure only authorized users access your computer or files.

Plus, the app and UP device can be used for secure access to all kinds of external locations, such as nightclubs, gyms, private clubs, stadiums, and event spaces.

The system is also perfectly suited for corporate use, providing access to office buildings, IT equipment, and computer files, and even integrating with Time & Attendance systems.


Using the app or UP device online means there’s no longer a need for usernames and passwords. Access platforms and websites, or securely access cloud storage, all while preventing unwanted third-parties from accessing your account and sensitive data or viewing and modifying documents and files you exchange with others.

Apart from being a convenient way to log in to websites and platforms, you can use the app or UP device while banking or shopping online. Confirm your transaction with a simple glance at the app or UP display, and there’s no more need for cards, signatures, and confirmations.


When claiming social security benefits, e-signing notary documents, or passing through airport security checks, a very high assurance of identity is required. For scenarios like these where security is an absolute priority, access is only granted by using the UP device. Use the UP device as your own personal e-ID and free yourself of passports, ID cards, and airline boarding passes.


In addition to the applications mentioned above, Biocryptology can be adapted to many other situations. Here are just a few:

  • Medical environments (hospitals, medical dossiers, blood banks).
  • Hotels, rental properties, and car rentals (booking, payment, check in, check out).
  • Temping agencies (providing worker identity confirmation).
  • Schools and other education facilities.
  • Online gaming and adult content websites.
  • Entertainment subscriptions: TV streaming, gaming.
  • Post and package delivery.
  • Loyalty programs.

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