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Archanan provides a cloud-based development environment for massively parallel and HPC software. We enable single-click deployment of parallel codes into thousands of compute nodes for debugging, profiling and visualizing memory maps. Archanan bridges the gap between the software engineering process on laptops or workstations and the deployment on multi-million dollar supercomputers to gather results.

Who is this for?

Archanan is for any individual, team, or institution which is involved in the development of large-scale parallel codes. Examples of applications range from scientific simulations (computational fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, materials analysis, etc.) through industry applications (aerospace engineering, drug discovery, semiconductor design, etc.), financial analyses (high-frequency trading, stock market analysis, etc.), artificial intelligence and even the entertainment industry (renderings for animations, etc.).

Is it difficult to use?

We have designed our solution in such a way that scientists and engineers will be able to focus on the development of their codes without having to worry about configuring a specialized development environment. Archanan’s platform will look and feel just like the production environment you are used to.

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