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Beyond building better apps, Anagog is on a mission to deliver a better way of doing things – smart mobile services that could be powered by understanding what users are doing, where and when – in context.

Embedded into millions of app user’s smartphones, Anagog’s JedAI SDK helps developers offer more user-centric and personalized services that enable higher user engagement whilst consuming only 1% battery consumption on average each day.

By analyzing multiple smartphone sensor signals, Anagog captures, analyzes and understands the real-time mobility status and location information of smartphone users, making it easy for to identify consumer behavior and competitive trends.

Anagog’s powerful system architecture provides on-device mobility status detection, with cloud-based processing power, deep learning and an insightful analytics platform.

The JedAI SDK uses multiple smartphone sensors to anonymously detect the mobility status and understand the activity context of users. By combining its technology and machine learning, JedAI SDK can help you understand the precise activity level, context, and location of your users.

Modern smartphones have up to 15 different types of sensors. Anagog’s state machine combined with machine learning technology, allows it to collect the raw sensor data directly from the source. It then analyzes and aggregates the sensor data on each handset in real-time, in order to determine user activity levels and location.


We are delighted that our investment in Anagog allows us to continue developing our expertise and opportunities regarding artificial intelligence in the field of mobility

Thilo Koslowski, Managing Director of Porsche Digital

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