Jamie King

February 24, 2020 / in Team

Jamie King
Business Development Director
Jamie began his career with a boutique research and due diligence firm where he curated and authored intelligence reports to support transactional due diligence. He then joined a large US bank where he focused on anti-money laundering and high-risk client acceptance, and insider trading investigations Jamie moved to Singapore in 2015, where he started to become interested in how new regulatory technologies could automate manual processes within the financial services sector. This interest took him to a role with a global consultancy firm where he managed pre-sales and implementation for an outsourced KYC platform and also worked on a Singapore government initiative to establish a smart open banking platform for customer account opening requirements.
Prior to joining Accelerasia, Jamie worked as a consultant advising Singapore-based fintechs on upcoming regulatory requirements, and producing thought leadership pieces on financial inclusion and other key themes in the Asia payments space.

Outside of work Jamie is a fitness addict and the co-owner, and part time instructor, of a HIIT and Strength & Conditioning gym in the Singapore CBD. He enjoys watching rugby, cooking, and speaking Korean badly albeit enthusiastically.

Jamie holds an undergraduate degree in Politics and a masters degree in International Management, both from the University of Exeter in the UK.