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Darshan Patel

Darshan is Business Development Manager at AccelerAsia in the Singapore office. He is from India and moved to the United States of America in August 2012 to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics.

He graduated from California State University Long Beach in August 2017, where his emphasis was to study Asian and European Financial and Economic markets. His passion to study markets and find out market trends has lead him to move to Singapore for the internship.

Before joining AccelerAsia, Darshan worked as a consultant intern for Turkiye Beyazay Dernegi NGO in Istanbul Turkey, and has worked in student government as a Secretary for International Student affairs at his University. Darshan is really passionate about the International Government he was part of at the Model United Nations club on his University campus.

Besides academics, he loves to travel and eat different cuisines — he is a chocolate lover.

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